I am bored as shit. As if you couldn't tell by me yelling at bots. But what the hell, rather see my name that some shithead spammer's.
Chillin with my gf's brother and Oreo watching the Little Mermaid.
Ask! Please!
I wish I had a book to read anyone wanna recommend something?
Also, I am hungry. Half-starved.
I wish she would hurry the fuck up and get back. And get in the kitchen...
Wait that didn't really come out right...
But I wish she'd get back.
I told her I would miss her too, what the fuck. Im not whipped like that.....just really hungry.
Maybe I'll go make myself a sandwich.
Yea there's an idea.
Gimme like 5 mins tho.
I wish I had the movie IT. I never seen it. I read the book though, good stuff.
I need a fuckin job. Wayyyy to much time I got on my hands here. I will go look for one.
Well he decided not to watch tLM and it is back to Rumble in the BX. Jackie's awesome but we watched it like 3 times..... in a row. Well not ALL the way to the end but thats even worse. Less time in between seeing the same scenes.
YAY my gf's back and with the homies too! Light it up!!!!!!!!