here post your idea for a team ash could use to finaly win a league

reason: he beat darkrai who swept whole teams in one hit when i was at full hp from having used dream eater to heal plus he is fast and strong. he has the best wins against legendaries and his awesome battle at the forest in the battle palace.
reason: He has good coverage with aerial ace and has proven his power along with unexpected speed, i just recon he is worth it especially if he evolves
reason: must i explain? this guy is big, fat, lazy and deadly! he has powerful moves and always seems to be able to get around their draw backs and his own weaknesses, he never goes down easy, NEVER.
reason: i dont care about his mega weakness he kicks it hard in the rear! mega horn, hyper beam plus pure power! this guy is tough, fast and excellent at close range combat.
reason: he isnt popular neither does he have much experience but he swept through his first battle and only got better
reason: he fights well and is endurant, he packs a big punch and can smash through any flying type looking to cripple heracross

im a bit torn with the team here, pikachu is a definate fail with his track record with battles against novices who have been trainers for five minutes and all i can say yes to is sceptile for his many great wins and snorlax, quilava would be great as typhlosion but i sense a new speed crisis given that typhlosion isnt built as speedy as quilava physicaly so it might end up like grotle but i stand by heracross otherwise im blank if i were supposed to go with the writers idea it would be plain and simple, the writer would do

or do what they did with brandon
-butterfree/his other member of his first team that i cant seem to remember/kingler