The Shanghai'd Crustacean was as dimly lit and seedy a dockside bar as any. It was filled with sailors, men who called Hong Kong their home port and many foreigners besides. The place smelled strongly of sea salt, sweat, and stale beer. Raccous laughter and conversation in a dozen different languages threatened to drown out even personal though. In one corner a bald scar faced Chinamen belted an Irish elf in the mouth and the two knocked over a table, going down in a flurry of blows.

It was the same ol' same ol' in the Crustacean save for one or two tiny new things. The most obvious was the series of newer wanted posters tacked up, as they had been tacked up in all the bars and businesses alongside the docks.

Camilla Zarine Kelsy Alias Keke was the first listed, with a fairly thorough description and a list of crimes real and partially imagined. Ervan Remoh followed next, again with the list of crimes. This one had a crude drawing of the man, followed by the warning that he sometimes lit himself on fire to evade capture. The last mentioned by name was the monster Cho'kar, a cohort of the other two. A sort of man animal hyrbid creature was drawn, typical depction of orcs and other more bestial humanoids among the populace. There was then a lit of known associates and a pirce list for the bounties on their heads. Sizable bounties. The more curious thing about the posters was the notice added on, in Chinese. "The Palace will match the rewards and provide letters of proof to enable the capturer to claim the original bounty should any of the Wanted be brought to stand trial here. Inquire with Royal Advisor."

THe other small new thing here wasn't actually small, more man sized. A single figure that blended into the crowd for the most part. A Kimono and cloak covered the body and the face was hidden beneath a scarf. Eyes were obscured behind goggles of darkly smoked glass and a large coolie hat shrouded all. The person beneath the get up glanced at the posters for a bit longer than most but mostly kept a low profile toward the back of the bar, watching, and listening.