Ok i have probably ten maybe thirty authentic cards
i bought a booster pack of ten yesterday from a big chain store(farmers in nz)
it had the fancy and official packaging and i have been reading about telling real from fake btw these are black and white cards
now i know to look for detail in the backround of the back of the card(blue swirl stuff)
i am not sure about the energy symbols (In real cards are they half shaded with the shadow making a cresent on one side or only shaded around the outside to make a border)
i know to look for a bold and crisp blue border on the back with the border being straight and not one with one side being thicker
i know to look for plain yellow not relflective yellow on cards
EX cars have grey/silver but not reflective border not yellow
and the pokemon will always have an accent on the e(dont know how to add one myself) sadly the word pokemon aside from with the copywrite which is normaly with its acent even on fakes is lacking on some cards like the snivy card im looking at.
check the dex entries since not many people know the number of every pokemon
in not sure about the hp thing though since i checked the database on the pokemon website and some cards have the number followed by the letters in caps the same size while others like the snivy card i have from my pack yesterday (Strangely i got a zoura, snivy, tepig and dewott along with panpour and simipour all in the same set is this odd?) and it has hp in caps in a small font before the number which is big
i may not have listed them all but add any to the list you like
i heard holding it against a light to check transperency is one but my fakes arent see through so i dont think that works
anyway try running your finger along the back, if it grips your finger on the cards its fake, real just slide)
lastly i found this myself and its if you hold it against the light flat so you can see the surface the fakes have a rougher and more wrinkled surface while realm ones have a more smooth one (asuming the snivy i have is real)
and i think the format has changed since some cards have the info about stages on the bottom left of the pic, top left and some at the top left of the card itself i think it depends on which set or expansion its from
anyway one last thing is the pokeball on the back has four clearly defined highlights most commonly missing in the fakes is the one on the left at the white half which is supposed to be attached to the button while the red half opens
anyway im wondering mainly about the energy symbols since they are seen in every card
do they have a dark border around the whole outside or is is just half shaded, the snivy card i have here when i look at it closely the energy symbol has one of those jelly bean shaped lighter spots at the top left like a highlight, is that meant to be on real cards? and i heard that the symbols arent meant to reach the edge of the circle yet when i go to the official website and its database its symbol for grass reaches the edge
i did this research becuase i got my first set of ten black and white cards yesterday because im thinking of collecting again.
and a last question the zorua i got has a normal everything but the main colouring of the card (where the info and attacks are) is black and shiny not in any pattern just plain old shiny (like a line of different colour where it reflects the light) and if you look really close it looks like its made of dots is this real? it came from a big chain of stores and a authentic looking pack.