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    Lightbulb Forums and activity

    I took a look in the new member section and saw a post from Kirby I want to make a few statements about forums and activity.
    I think the main site draws the most people in for any pokemon forum.

    But In the case of pokemon elite I know that they retained their long time members which is how they stayed afloat. Their members are really pokemon hard core.Also they, as far as I know, never had any major purges or drama. They were able to change admins without any problem.
    So when you talk about how to attract activity don't look at sites like pokemon 2000 which are anomalies.

    I ran into Negative way to retain members at another forum.
    I don't know if it's true or not but I think serebii tried to do this in it's heyday.
    It's called retaining activity by hogging or with-holding information.
    If your site is the only place where you can get certain information it will guarantee new members.
    The downside is some places use that to treat people like shit and hold information hostage.

    Just putting my thoughts out.

    Flame,Troll and Spoil

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    My intro thread, Kirby.

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