So it's almost 4am, and I was kicking around on /v/ for a while, when a thread about people's experiences with MMOs and all the good memories they had. And then I see an image someone posts of the Runescape website from back in '05.

Nostalgia hits me like a brick.

I remember playing with a bunch of friends. None of us actually knew each other in real life, just that we were friends of friends. We had a clan thread on the Runescape website, so that more people could join, and I'd get up early before school to bump the thread.

I remember almost dying in the swamp near Lumbridge, only to have some random person come over, heal and buff me, and then leave.

I remember running as fast as I could through the Varrock south gate, hoping the Dark Wizards wouldn't kill me.

But then people started leaving. Lives became more complex. No one ever really had time to spend playing a silly game on the internet.

Sometimes, when I get these nostalgia kicks, I log in to my account, just to see what it's like. I look over my friends list, remembering names. None of them are ever online anymore, though.

So what are your experiences with MMOs, if any? What stories of guildies or raids do you all have?