As a woman living in mississippi, i don't think i have ever been as scared as i am now for Nov. the 8th. If you don't know what amendment 26 is (and i'd venture to guess not many of you do)'s the amendment that advocates are parading around as an anti-abortion bill. It would rid mississippi of abortions (that much is true), HOWEVER it also outlaws some major forms of birth control, cloning, in vitro fertilization, and would cause miscarriages to become suspect to criminal investigations. (this is not hype-histeria these are real "cons" put out by our secretary of state).

Unfortunately it will most likely pass, judging by the mass number of "vote yes amendment 26" signs/posters plastered all on mississippi soil like antbeds, pro-life car tags, and illiterate sheep we call the population voting republican just to vote republican.

read and discuss.