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    Default Ferrothorn Analysis

    This generation introduced a very powerful support pokemon, Ferrothorn. Ferrothorn comes in with a decent HP, amazing defense, and just as great special defense, making it an amazing all around wall. Along with a great support move pool and attacking move pool; consisting of gyro ball, power whip, thunder wave, leech seed, spikes, and stealth rocks. Finally its typing is just amazing. Grass typing brings great resistances against water and electric, and I donít need to go into steels defensive greatness. It's no wonder that Ferrothorn is one of the most used pokemon of this generation, finding its way onto over 20% of teams. Ferrothorn is not without its problems, grass / steel typing brings a 4 times weakness to fire hits, along with a big fighting weakness, which can be a problem with all the fighting type offensive behemoths this generation.

    Hazard Support and Wall
    Ferrothorn @ Leftovers
    Trait: Iron Barbs
    EVs: 252 HP / 40 Def / 216 SDef
    Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)
    - Spikes / Stealth Rocks
    - Leech Seed / Thunder Wave
    - Protect / Stealth Rocks / Power Whip
    - Power Whip / Gyro Ball

    Ferrothornís main, and only notable set. Ferrothorn, with its amazing bulk, can set up stealth rocks and spikes without a problem. Ferrothorn can also wall out a lot of pokemon, most notably bulk water and rain teams, which are a pain in this metagame, that is probably the number one reason why it's used. Ferrothornís set is a mixed bag, itís a bit hard to track down exactly what moves you need for each slot. To be honest almost anything can be used, but there are certain combinations which are especially useful.

    Most Ferrothornís need a hazard slot, and in general spikes it move useful; Ferrothorn is very capable of stacking many layers of spikes, but stealth rock can be used if you really need stealth rock on a team, to take down a Dragonite or something, also if you already have spikes support on a team.

    Generally, Ferrothorn likes to support a team outside hazards. Leech seed can help its team mates gain health, shut down threats, or using them itself to stall. Thunder wave is very useful for bulky offensive or balanced teams, as it allows you to bring faster pokemonís speed down, so you can kill them.

    The next slot is a weird sort of filler, depending on what other moves you have in the set. Sets using leech seed, generally, like protect for extra healing, although the other 2 moves are more then viable. When using thunder wave donít use protect, as its useless without leech seed. So for thunder wave, stealth rock is here if you really need them, or you can use power whip for some offensive power.

    Usually, Ferrothorn will always need an offensive move to keep it from becoming taunt bait. Of its offensive moves power whip is generally preferred, because of its consistent high base power and its ability to take down water types. Although if you have an additional water type counter, or have power whip somewhere else, then you can use gyro ball here.

    There are a few notable exceptions to the rules though. A few sets forgo attack moves completely, so that they may use leech seed and thunder wave support. Leech seed and Thunder Wave are not typically useful together, as Leech Seed benefits stall teams, and Thunder Wave benefits bulky offensive and balanced teams. Some semi stall teams benefit from such a Ferrothorn though. A few sets donít haveThunder Wave or Leech Seed at all, using only hazards and attack moves, such Ferrothorns are usually members of strong hyper offensive teams.

    The EVs and nature lean move to the specially defensive side, as Ferrothorn can take Thunderbolt and surf, better then earthquakes and close combats. The given EVs allow Ferrothorn to survive from stronger special hits, with a pinch of defense to help its physical special side take a few physical hits. Although you can mix up the EVs, there are much as you want, but keep max HP as its Ferrothornís lowest defensive stat.
    Leftovers are usually, if not always, the item of choice. Leftovers gives Ferrothorn much survivability, allowing it to recover from hits quite well. Although there are some other options, Rock Helmet can be a surprise for physical attackers, as Rock Helmet + Iron Barbs can quickly take most pokemon down. Shed shell can also be used if you are really worried about Magnezone. Although there are no pokemon which Ferrothorn stops that would be worth Magnezone support, so you can actually lose Ferrothorn with little problem.

    Oh also, if you use gyro ball, be sure to use 0 speed ivs and a relaxed nature.

    Other Options

    Ferothorn has a shit-ton for other options it can use with a little success, but most of them are generally outclassed by other pokemon or can only net you a win in extremely uncommon situations.

    The most common other option, is choice band Ferrothorn. Choice band Ferrothorn actually has a lot of power with power whip and gyro ball, and it can surprise its counters like Heatran and Magnezone with bulldoze. The last physical move on the choice band set, is payback or return, as filler. Other options on such a set might be aerial ace or poison jab for grass types, or shadow claw as an option over payback. I should note, none of these moves should ever be found on any other set.

    Curse can be used to set up and stay, but generally its pretty useless, because of the many special threats out there at can 1HKO it with a fire blast or focus blast. Itís the same story for any swords dance set, except then, its also weak physically.

    Gravity support can be used, if you wish, for a gravity team. Actually Ferrothorn is a solid choice for a gravity team, with its great defenses, it even has Power Whip to benefit in the Gravity.

    Explosion can be used for a final good bye blast, but first off it lacks good enough power to actually kill anything. It also it faces competition for a move on any set, bar a choice band.

    Toxic can be used, but with Power Whip, Gyro Ball, and Leech Seed, Ferrothorn is more then capable of winning any stall war, and it has fierce competition for a slot. The same can be said for rest.

    Iron Head and Seed Bomb can be used over Gyro Ball and Power Whip, for consistent power and more accuracy, respectively. But usually its not worth it to drop all that power even when you lose the risk.

    Team Options:

    Due to its amazing bulk and ability to lay down hazards, Ferrothorn can fit onto almost any team. Although stall teams greatly appreciate Leech Seed stalling, and bulky offensive and balanced teams really like paralysis support.

    Ferrothorn greatly appreciates pokemon to deal with strong fighting hits, Skarmory, Gliscor, Celebi, Latias, and Latios are great choices. Skarmory also likes Ferrothorn to take electric hits, and Gliscor likes its ability to take down water types. Dragonite, Gyarados, and Salamence synergize beautifully with Ferrothorn, taking all fire and fighting attacks, and they all appreciate hazards support to sweep.

    Bulky waters, in general, are great partners, taking those fire blasts and hidden power fires. Starmie, Jellicent, Rotom-W, Swampert, Tentacruel, Vaporeon, and Politoed are prime examples of such a pokemon. Jellicent is a notable partner, taking all fighting hits like they donít even exist, and being a great spin blocker to keep hazards down. Politoed also deserves mention as it brings rain to the field, which means Ferrothorn almost loses its biggest weakness.

    Other pokemon deserve mention for being able to take fire blasts, such as Tyranitar, Blissey, Heatran. Tyranitar is a great partner as sandstorm helps Ferrothorn stall, and Heatran likes bulky waters out of the way. Finally, Ferrothorn is able to take down those damn bulky water types, so Pokemon that canít stand them are great partners, Landorus, Infernape are prime examples, and they appreciate hazard support to.


    Ferrothorn has a handful of complete counters, that stop it totally. Breloom can take Leech Seed, Thunder Wave, and Power Whip; Gyro Ball also does pitiful damage. Conkeldurr can come in on a Thunder Wave because of Guts, and can heal back any Leech Seeded health with Drain Punch, and can take any physical hit it has. Celebi can simply switch out and heal its paralysis later on with natural cure, and is of course immune from Leech Seed and takes little damage from Power Whip, although Celebi does not appreciate Gyro Ball hits. Gliscor can take literally everything Ferrothorn has, and taunt it to stop the flow of hazards, making it a complete counter, Gliscor also wins every stall war thanks to Poison Heal. Reuniclus is immune from Leech Seed, and doesnít mind Thunder Wave much, and can take the time to set up Trick Room or Calm Mind, or simply take it out with focus blast. Espeon can reflect everything it has right back at it, but does not like gyro ball and power whip hits, but neither does Ferrothorn like Hidden Power fire.

    Magnezone deserves special mention, as a complete counter that traps it in. Magnezone can also charge beam up and substitute on it; Proceed to kill not only Ferrothorn, but whatever your opponent brings in afterwards. But it should be noted, that if Magnezone does that, Ferrothorn will get every single last one of its hazards up. So packing a rapid spinner with Magnezone is a good idea. In fact, that should be said with all counters, as over time, all the hazards will get up.

    A few pokemon donít mind Leech Seed or Thunder Wave much, and can simply set up on it or just 1HKO it, Heatran, Machamp, and bulk up Scrafty are all great example of that. Chesto-Rest Volcanora can take any Thunder Waves too. If Ferrothorn lacks Thunder Wave, then Infernape, Hydregion, Lucario, Terrakion, Meinshao, Victini, can all come in an threaten to 1HKO.

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    I feel shed shell should at least deserve a mention in other options since Mag is not much of a problem these days.

    Also, a speed hindering nature should replace the impish nature. Either Relaxed for defensive sets, or Brave for an attacking set. Lets face it, base 20 speed isn't going to out speed anything notable in its tier. Having the lowest speed possible will at least power up Gyro Ball. I know that you have this option in the "other options" section. However, I feel that it should be added on the main set rather than an option.

    A good thing to add to team options is Rain. Getting rid of that 4x fire weakness is a godsend!

    I don't see anything else worth changing other than that. Good job!


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