I will start work on this sexy thing of a Pokemon asap.


Set Name
Pokemon @ Item / Other Iteam
Ability: Name of Ability
Evs: In this format (252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spe)
Ivs: (don't add this is not needed)
Nature: Name of Nature
-Move 1
-Move 2
-Move 3
-Move 4

Set Comments:
-How it works
-In detail move choiceage

Additional Comments:
-Specific threats
-Team support

(add as many sets as you need)

Team Options:
-general team support
-problems cna how to fix them basically

Other Options:
-off beat sets
-gimicky sets
-lesser used moves, items, and natures
-do not add here if completely useless, for example don't write about water gun

Checks and Counters:
-what beats it 100% of the time
-what works to beat it most of the time
-last ditch pokemon to deal with it

Dream World
-how the dream world ability will make it better or how it's useless
-how it performs diferently or better in DW