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    Quote Originally Posted by Henri View Post
    Of course
    It feels good to be able to put my pokeknowledge to use. Since I haven't gotten past Gen3 I feel dated so this is right up my alley.
    Pleasure to be of service.
    Same here.
    Well, I did start pearl but never finished it.
    Originally made by LM:

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    i needs helps!!!!

    two things, neither of which are in the pd black and white walkthrough D:<

    first, where are the seven sages i've captured five of them (i think) but the only two i definitely remember where they were were the one in the cold storage and the one in musharna's forest thing (too lazy to look up the proper name at the moment)

    second, where are cobalion's companion pokemon, virizion and terrakion. i think virizion is somewhere in pinwheel forest, right? but i still have no clue for terrakion....

    If someone could help me and answer this, it would be much appreciated.

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