ok this seems like something apropos for this thread

People in mah realz lifez tend to come to me for advice. Which astonishes me because I really dont think I help that much. Or at least I don't make that big of an attempt. People just open up a conversation like "mann i feel down in the dumps" or whatever, and I knowingly take the bait and ask whats up. The conversation literally 99% of the time turns to this:

Whiny McWhinepants: [mylifesucksblahblahblahblahbletc]
Kayla: oh man that sucks.
Whiny: yeah i know because like [blablhablahblha reiterating first point albhalbhablh]
Kayla: jesus. i would hate to be in your situation.
Whiny: and its not even like i can [balbhalbhalbhablahblha]
Kayla: :/

I swear to fucking god those are the only three things I ever say. I think people just like to unload and feel like someone is acknowledging their problems as shitty situations. And you cant actually give them real advice otherwise because they in somet twisted way probably enjoy being messed up so they wont take your advice. They'll give you some bullshit reason why it wont work, even if it totally will. Essentially, people are all very generic and boring. And a fucking chore to talk to when they're upset. Most of the time.