Bringin it back. Posting previous work before a new one right after, so expect lots of stuff in here.

This thread is open to discussion, but i ask you to not go insane. I don't want super nubsplosion going on. Mostly this will just be my thoughts in standard rant format, similar to my last one (for those of you who read it). So expect something like that, but a little more light.

This will also be the Adam tracker. When i'm going away for an extended period, this will be the official place i announce it. Even if i'm gone for a week unannounced, i will at least update this at my first possible moment. Other mods, i ask you to take care of this in my absence as well. I dont mind off topic, but if flaming gets out of control get rid of it all. If useless spam comes up get rid of it. I dont want a page and a half about MC hammer showing up by the time i come on the next day.

Also, some things are forbidden here. Here is a list, albeit short, of what i currently do not want to see, unless i open the floodgate. This list may update at any time so check back occasionally.

-Stale Debates, such as the current middle east situations
-Nationalistic (context?) flames like Spain sucks
-Flame wars that dont start in here (such as kakashi/CL flaming)

These are off limits (as in must be deleted) if it appears without me starting it. It will also end when i say it. It will be obvious, such as:

The current religious discussion is now closed.

Anything in said subject following said message, will be deleted. Deleted reasonabley of course, if you're typing a post while i give the message, i'll let it go. The beauty of checking post times. 10 minute window, about that.

These are the ground rules.