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Thread: Returns from the shadows

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    Default Returns from the shadows

    well, i'm back, though i never did leave, just switched places. Places meaning this fourm instead of the old one. Anyways, see ya around, and i was going to say merry christmas, but when i tried to get on the fourm. it wouldn't let me on, so late merry christmas.

    On another note, i was just wondering if someone could make me an awsome avatar or (for the life of me i can't think of the word) the one that goes at the bottem of the post? If so, i'd appreciate it.

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    Sure, I'll do it, just PM me the details.

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    Thanks, now if i can only get the banner to work.... I think my computer likes to give me problems with it, but someone told me they can see it so... *shrugs*
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