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Thread: Legend of Pokemon: Twilight Princess (Literate Only)

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    Default Legend of Pokemon: Twilight Princess (Literate Only)

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    The Legend of Pokemon: Twilight Princess

    1000 years after Twilight Princess...

    The world of Hyrule is covered in twilight once again. We must stop the shadow that the evil Twilight King, Darkrai, has cast over Hyrule through his dark sorcery. The only places in Hyrule that are free of the darkness created by Twilight are Ordon, Faron, and Eldin. These three areas fight over the land free of Twilight in an attempt to have more space and more power. Until, that is, the mayor of Ordon, a mighty Blastoise, Dok, decided to try and stop Darkrai and the shadow of twilight. Dok soon learned that if normal Pokemon try and enter Twilight, they turn into formless spirits, forced to forever wander across Twilight. When his son, a young Squirtle named Morl, wanders into Twilight, Dok is heartbroken and withdraws from the world to wallow in his sorrow. But he is amazed that Morl returned to him after just two short days. Dok is incredibly confused; that is until he sees the strange symbol on Morl’s hand. Once he reported the symbol to the town, other families came to him telling of their own children’s symbol. The symbol was that of three glowing, golden triangle’s arranged so that there are two on the bottom and one on the top with all three overlapping. Since it apparently had something to do with Morl surviving in Twilight, it was named the Twilight Symbol. He soon began testing his theory on the other children with the symbol, now known as Twilight Youths. His first test subject was a Ralts, known as Tristan, around the same age as Morl. Both of Tristan’s parents were important in the community, his father a mighty warrior and his mother a healer, and were troubled that he would be sent into Twilight, possibly to his death, without any help. Tristan was the only child to inherit his parent’s money and land, and if he was lost in Twilight, a long line of warriors and magic adepts would be ended. However, just as Morl did, Tristan came back to his parents in about a day. Dok, through risking children’s lives, understood that all of the youngsters who had this strange symbol wouldn’t turn into spirits in the Twilight World.

    News about Dok's discovery reached other areas not affected by Twilight. The towns then reasoned that if one of them were to free Hyrule from Twilight, they would get a huge treasure from the royal family as a reward for their services; almost immediately after the conclusion was reached, all Twilight Youths were trained as warriors with the purpose of freeing Hyrule from Darkrai’s grip. But soon after this tradition started, his Dark Majesty, the Lord of all Things in Shadow, and Ruler of the Night and Storms, Darkrai, heard of this. He obviously didn’t want his reign as king to be ended, so he began recruiting the Twilight Youths’ polar opposites: Shadow Youths. The Shadow Youths were children born in Twilight that had the ability to leave Twilight without disintegrating until they were a pile of black dust. The Shadow Youths have the Mark of Darkness rather than the Twilight Symbol; the Mark of Darkness look just like the Twilight Symbol, but it is a dark purple color and has a snake slithering through the triangles. These youths have two missions: slay all of the Twilight Youths and crush the resistance of Ordon, Faron, and Eldin so the darkness will consume all of Hyrule. Can they be stopped? That is up to the Twilight Youths of Hyrule…

    The 4 teams
    There are 4 teams in the RPG. They are: Ordona, Faron, Eldin and Twilight. Most have a unique strength and weakness. They also both have an important area to guard.

    Ordona: The keepers of the twilight spring. They are the peace loving village. There have been very few twilight youths here. They have a good friendship with each over and are good at working in a team. But, if they are forced away from all contact from each other, they normally get greatly depressed.

    Faron: Since the way to the Hyrule field is blocked in Ordon, the only way out is through Faron. The people of Faron guard the way out, so Ordon are very disadvantaged. They specialize in tough spots, and are very resourceful as they live in an isolated wood. They have problems with foes that match their own skills though.

    : Are located very near the portal to get into twilight is. Since the radiation from twilight is cast on them, they have the most twilight youths in their town than in the others'. They guard the portal to twilight. They are very productive and lots of weapons are made here. They are good at using weapons. But, they aren't so good at using their proper Pokémon powers.

    Twilight: The enemy of all teams. They are the creatures of twilight and are quite mysterious. They can get in and out of twilight easily. Instead of having twilight youths they have shadow youths. They have an elite creature guarding each village covered in the shadow of twilight. They don't have a strength, but they don't have a weakness, they are balanced in all ways.

    Second Forms
    Each Twilight youth has a second form. The second forms can't be any type of Pokémon though. They have to be dog like. In the game, Link doesn't turn into an Eruruido. He turns to a wolf. But this doesn't give you a small choice. There are loads of choices. From Arcanine to Absol and Ninetales to Umbreon, you may choose any dog-like Pokemon that exist in the games. Pokémon that are like second forms can't be light forms.

    How to save a village
    Saving a village is easy. All you have to do is put a white light pearl in the spring where the village's light spirit lives. To get the pearls, you must take a bottle of water from the light spring to the Shaman. She lives near Eldin but is not racist to where twilight youths come from. She is just happy to see people saving Hyrule. She is normally harassed by the mayor of Eldin, the Typhlosion, Igda, because she breaks village rules. For each full bottle of Light water you will be made 1 Bracelet of light pearls, containing 5 light pearls.

    Sign-ups should be set out like this:

    Name: (are you freakin’ kidding me)

    Age: (15 +. Other than that, go shove a knife in your arteries)

    Species: (What your character's main form is. Must be bipedal)

    Twilight Form: (I’ll kill you in your sleep. If you don’t know what this is, then you didn’t read the first post completely)

    Description: (if you’re an idiot and you know it, clap your hands…)

    Personality: (go kill yourself)

    Friends and Family: (I’m going to kick you in the face)

    Party: (If your character travels with another Pokémon, put their name here. Each player must agree if they are going to be in the same party. You can only have 6 people max in a party)

    Main weapon: (Do you know what a weapon is? May not be magical)

    Other: (Wellllllllllllll…I’m gonna slit your throat in the night!)

    RP Sample: (this pretty much determines whether or not you will be accepted)

    Questions and Answers

    1Q.Why are Pokémon split up into the number of limbs?
    1A.Because Pokémon that are like dogs can't hold weapons.

    2Q.Didn't the only link between the two worlds get destroyed?
    2A.Remember, this isn't exactly the same game. And this whole RPG wouldn't be here is it had in the Pokémon world.

    3Q.What does the twilight symbol look like?
    3A.The triforce: it's like 3 golden triangles arranged like a bigger triangle.

    4Q.Why not the four provinces from twilight princess?
    4A.I forgot the last and you need a bad team.

    5Q.WTF, you've got to walk Hyrule Field?
    5A.You get to ride Rapidash.

    6Q.If I had any sense at all, I'd think it was the Rapidash that brought back twilight, they have to be slaves while every other Pokémon gets to live freely.
    6A.Rapidash do live freely, they decide who their masters are. They like to think they're special so they only choose twilight youths.

    7Q.What are the names of the towns covered in twilight?
    7A.Once we've started up, I'll tell you all the 5 towns in an area of the twilight, and those 5 towns have to be purified before we move on.

    8Q.What is wrong with twilight?
    8A.Twilight is like a dark blanket. Except that all light beings turn into spirits without noticing. The evil twilight Pokémon enslaves the spirits.


    1. Don’t be stupid
    2. I’ll be picky in who I accept, so if you’re not literate, get the fudge out.
    3. Do not, under any circumstances god-mod.
    4. If you bunny (without permission), I will shove a bunny down your throat.
    5. If you powerplay, without permission, I will take an entire powerplay squad from hockey and have them skate all over you.
    6. I expect all posts to be at least 200 words. If you don’t have Word to find this out, then shoot for around 8 lines minimum.
    7. If you have read this, post “Veni, Vidi, Vici.” (I came, I saw, I conquered.)
    8. I use a mark system to determine when you will be kicked out. 5 marks, and you’re gone. I can also kick you out as I choose to.
    9. Do not flame, or I will dip your face in liquid flame
    10. Do not spam, or I will eat your soul and puke it on your family.

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    Amount of marks against per Member

    My Sign-Up (good example of what yours should be like)

    Name: Tristan

    Age: 17

    Species: Gallade

    Twilight Form: Luxray

    Description: Tristan stands at 5’3”, and every inch of him is trained for battling. Along his head, there is a two inch tall crest of sea-green coloring when it is uncovered. However, when in battle, the crest is covered by a mithral helmet that spouts blood-red feathers in the style of ancient Roman helmets. The rest of his head, other than one section that is a flat continuation of his crest on the face, is an off-white color, and ruby-red eyes rest on this background. He has a thin neck, which leads down to his also thin torso. The torso is the same off-white color as previously mentioned, and red is also incorporated. Coming off of the sides are two triangles of red, each showing out against the rest of his body. Tristan’s arms are his most dominant feature, along with his crest. At the elbow joint where a bicep usually becomes a forearm, his arm isn’t the average depiction of a forearm. It is in fact, a blade; half of it jutting over the elbow, the blade serves as an arm. The edge is serrated and the tips are pointed sharply, making it an incredibly dangerous weapon. Compared to these, Tristan’s legs are quite lackluster. They are an off-white color and have no distinguishing features, although, at the end of the leg, there is a section that widens. When in his armor, Tristan looks much the same, but his colors are covered by the gleam of silvery mithral.

    Personality: Born to be a warrior in the mighty Army of Hyrule, Tristan acts as such. He is a take-charge kind of guy that never backs down from a challenge. He expects no pity from anyone and gives none himself. Trained to never be caught off guard, Tristan has become a judge of people and situations, a valuable asset to any warrior. Although his father taught him to take his career as a warrior seriously, he also taught him to enjoy life, and as such, he does have his moments where he can relax with his friends. However, since the time when Aurora arrived at his home, he has not had any time for this. With his position as a Guardian of the Royal Blood, his warrior persona is much more prominent than anything else and he never stops thinking about how disgraced his family would be if he failed them. This duty weighs heavy on his shoulders, but it makes him great as well.

    Friends and Family: Father; younger sister (13); two younger brothers (8 and 12)

    Party: Yet to be determined

    Main weapon: On his blades that serve as arms, Tristan has a covering of mithral that slices better than the finest sword. Along the length of it, runes of ancient languages are carved, telling unknown tales. When the serrated edges meet the end of Tristan’s arms, a curved blade comes out for a foot. His blade coverings glow gold in the presence of Twilight.

    Other: Heir to the position of Guardian of the Royal Blood. Guards Princess Aurora on the journey.

    RP Sample: I win at life

    The Princess Aurora character I mentioned is the Zelda type person of this RP. I will need a literate RPer to play as her.
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    You wish...


    Name: Enver

    Age: 15

    Species: Makuhita

    Twilight Form: Flareon

    Description: Enver's ears stay tied up above his head at all times, something that has itched him to the extent that his scratching has created a bald spot around it. This lavender-colored spot as well as his tiny eyes and mouth gives Enver a somewhat scrawny look, quite unlike the strong, muscular one expected of his species. The top of his chest is covered by a layer of fur in the shape of a three-leaf clover that is as red as flames. His punching-bag shaped hands sport this color as well. Enver's neck is covered by a royal red scarf that he wears to remember his mother. His lower chest and tummy are a bright yellow the color of the sun, also different from the rest of his species. Finally, his oval-shaped feet are midly small, and are not divided into toes. Enver chooses not to wear armor as he dislikes fighting.

    Personality: Enver is a very soft-hearted Pokemon, having had a very rough childhood and being excited at the opportunity to get away from his father. the only person who was ever nice to him was his mother, who left home and disappeared when he was 8 years old. The scarf he wears around his neck once belonged to his mother, and because of this he always keeps it on. Enver's father was both a pro wrestler and a warrior when he was young and has always wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. He has vigorously trained Enver throughout his childhood although Enver has clearly stated many times that he disliked fighting and wanted peace and happiness more. Enver bears neither armor nor a weapon; choosing to try to rescue Hyrule from the Twilight peacefully and without any combat.

    Friends and Family: mother, father

    Party: yet to be determined

    Main weapon: Makuhita is a very powerful Pokemon, despite his looks and desires. His fists can take out most enemies easily with one hit. Also, although he doesn't know it, his mother's scarf is actually a very powerful talisman.

    RP Sample: and
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    Hi LordZangoose, I don't know if you're the kind of person to take grugdes right into RPs or not. Anyway, I join RPs based on whether they're interesting or not, not the person who created it, but if you still hate me over what happened in Vampryo's Godly RP, go ahead and ban me then. Anyway, I thought that this RP looked pretty good, and here's my profile, but you're welcome to flame my ass off if I'm not welcome here. :/

    Name: Serene

    Age: 16

    Species: Weavile

    Twilight Form: Ninetails

    Description: The fan of crimson skin with a hint of gold at the tips flare wide on top of her head instead of being slicked back like other weaviles, giving her a somewhat sassy look. Her fur colour is of a deep navy, but it shines a glowing silver in the night, especially in moonlight. This ghostly appearance is enhanced by a deep scar running from her left eye all the way down her cheek. The jewel embedded within her forehead is a deep ruby red, and if one observes closely the flow of red ends in a flaming orange spot right in the middle, and to the unobservant it sometimes seems as though it was a third eye. Slightly taller than other weaviles her age, Serene stands at 3'73" tall. However, she is noticably lighter with a weight of 65.0 lbs. Serene has long lanky arms and legs, seemingly a sign of weakness in strength, but these often fool opponents as they conceal great might within. The limbs end off in sharp claws, dipped in molten silver to enhance their's durability. Overall, the gaunt Weavile might seem like and easy opponent, but what is under the surface is a considerable power to be reckoned with.

    Personality: Serene loves fun, and not in the usual way. Mostly the reason for her battling is just to get the thrill of the fight, her idea of 'enjoyment'. She sometimes does not care who she is battling, since she just wants to play around. However, Serene cannot take insults well, and will fight to the death to protect her pride and best interests at heart. Catty, talkative and a little selfish, Serene is not someone to trust with your life. Still, she treasures the few friends she has dearly, and is loyal to her cause in life. Though she may seem as an untrustworthy person, Serene is a dedicated warrior against the Twillight, courtesy of her father's last wishes before he died in a battle with the enemy. Still, she is normally fun-loving and happy when not thinking of war. Mischevious and sassy, she loves to play pranks on people around her, but hopes that they will understand that she is just doing so for fun and out out of spitefulness.

    Friends and Family: All relations are dead, but she does have a Froslass friend that she lost contact with some years back.

    Party: Not determined.

    Main weapon: Serene's usual attacking weapons are her silver-enhanced claws that act like mean blades. She depends on her agile body and quick speed to avoid getting hit. Actually, there is another layer of protection under the bedding of silver- several sharp diamonds are concealed within. In a desperate situation in fights, where the silver gets worn off, the diamonds will become exposed as the hardest substance on earth, both a defensive and offensive strategy. The edges of the diamonds can cut really bad, and they serve as a good shield too. However, these enhancements are pretty cumbersome in battle, and often slow Serene down when escaping.

    RP Sample: (In the starter post in my profile)

    There you go, it's up to you if you want me in or not. Oh yeah, and Veni, Vidi, Vici.

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    I like it, so I guess you're in. It seems someone is always a Ninetails in this.

    EDIT: Actually, you're both in.
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    ooc: Mr LordZangoose aka Nocturne, while reading about you quarrelling with Jimmy, I was forcibly reminded of this RP. And so, I'm taking the trouble to bump it up, although most guys probably forgot about it already...

    Can you please attempt to get this started again? I liked it, okay? But it brings back memories. I was an ass then, you were an ass then, so I think it's better to start it off with both of us not being asses anymore.

    Oh, but if you don't wanna start this again, just let it sink right back to the bottom of then RP heap then. But if you do want to start it up again I'll go and edit my profile and make it better.

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    Thank you for the good memories Ninetails

    I'll resurrect it after The Twisting War, or at least once it's mid-way through

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