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Thread: so how many of you are getting d/p?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hicky View Post
    it doesn't, actually.

    why do you attack me in every other thread and make lameass remarks like that? it is because you generally don't like me? i'm actually intruged.
    I don't dislike you, im cool with you. What, a guy can't play around? If I really actually loathed you, i'd be doing alot worse.
    and why the fuck would that be a stage of acceptance? and why the fuck does your 'witty remark' really not make any sense atall?
    It does make sense, but even if it didn't, it wouldn't matter, since im not being serious.
    wait, i know what it is

    on the old forum i used to just be a team buillder and team rater. and then when i started posting in the misc, you grew uneasy because you found some minor competition. thus, you switches on random flaming mode

    that justification is correct, correct?
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    it just worries me that you always play around with me and noone else. i just felt some vibes of dislike.

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    oy, for those who will be getting d/p, check out this thread:

    seems kinda cool actually

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    already saw and approved it

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