It is the Dark Ages, Pokemon populate the Earth... and so do people. But we don't have the ball and 'dex technology of today. Oh no. The people of this medieval world view pokemon in an entirely different light. Sure there are a few that try to befriend such obviously dangerous creatures, but the majority of the world fears them. They are rampaging monsters, perhaps even spat up from Hell itself. Charizards swoop over to burn villages to the ground, Primates lurk in the forest to drag off children who stray from the road, and Golduck's hide under bridges to assault any river going traffic. It is a dark time full of violence and swordplay.

There are a rare few that manage to bind pokemon to their will with hidden rituals and pacts but those people are often viewed as warlocks and witches. Still, their power can not be denied, and it is said that the king himself is looking to recruit some of them into his army.

Much more common, are the ones who are brave or foolish enough to go out and hunt these monsters. Wether for sport or proffit, they gird themselves with all manner of weaponry and such and track down and destroy these savage elemental creatures.

So come join the world of Pokemon Iron.... You get to kill stuff and battle horrible beasts...or cower in your grass hut while a Jynx spirits away your husband for unspeakable breeding acts, or anything in between.

This Tale of Pokemon Iron begins in the village of Plainspeak. At the foot of a mountin and bordered by dark forests, the village is isolated. Used to be that led for a simple idyllic life, but things are changing. The roads have become dangerous and trade caravans and the like have stopped coming into the village. Worse, pokemon are descending from the mountains and forests in unprecedented numbers. Something is driving them towards the village and the situation begins to look dire.

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Age: Most people can go out in the world and start living life around 13-14 but you can be any age.

Personality: You know how this goes... what are you like?

Appearance: So on and so forth

History: Tell a bit about yourself... are you a royal messenger? An inspiring Pokemon slayer, a tavern wench? Or even jsut a peasant or a clueless scholar?... no one can have a binding ritual for pokemon... not just yet. They ARE rare after all.