In the end Capitalism won.. it swallowed up democracy and ate religion. Little by little Corporations became more powerful, until they began buying up nations, soon, the Earth was divided not by countries, but by the company line. Soon every human born was the legal property of one Corp or another. Technology advanced of course, the Great Corporations, cooperating all the while they were at war with one another, built great psace fleets, sacrificing millions of lives to open great portals through the aether. They colonized worlds too, and that is where the Corporate Wars really began.

Only one such planet is our concern however, Paprika Seven. It was too remote and backwater to be hotly contested and that was how King Samson I took it. He led qa full scale revolt against the corporations, setting up a monarchy enforced by various wasteland gangs. The corporations came, but instead of battle, they made a deal with him. They would send him Corporate Warriors, those desperate enough for freedom that they would act as mercenaries in order to procure the funds necessary to buy out the Corporations' share in their existence. These mercenaries would work jobs on the planet, for whatever faction they could get the work from, they'd save their monies in hopes of paying off their great Debt. In Return, King Samson would send trade goods, rare ores, and potential alien artifacts back on the great convoys to continually fill the coffers of ever greedy businesses.

You are one of those mercenaries now, bound on a ship for Paprika Seven. Maybe you'll be one of the few to make it down their in the bloody wasteland and become truly free. Or perhaps you have more ambitious goals. Samson is a despot, and the peole who overthrow him would have a chance to build a new world, a new society, taking up one of the old ideaolies like Democracy or Communism. Who Knows what the future holds?

Sign up will be QUITE different. Have a character name and appearance in mind but don't post anything just yet, until the Cross Corporate Worth Assesment Test is up in another post or so.