relevant backstory first: i've never been one to bring a pencil case with me to school despite the fact that it seems like proper convention to do so. it's just not my style. instead i carry around a pen and a pencil in my right pocket all day, every day. i know what you're wondering, and yes, sometimes the pens do explode those were some horrible days. i remember i took my hand out of my pocket and it was all blue. took forever scrubbing the ink off. anyway, that's what i do. usually it's a h2 pencil and a green pen, because the green pen is the corrector's corrector and i'm damn well good enough for that.

and nobody touches my pen. ever. it's my channel for whatever i need for those eight hours i'm at school, whether it be schoolwork or spontaneous creativity (usually storytelling plots i quickly scribble down and forget about by the time the day is done). when people ask me, 'hey, can i borrow a pen,' i'm all like, 'sorry, man, this is my only one .' it's just how the relationship works.

today though, we got a new guy in our class. he had to sit beside me in french... and i think he stole my pen.