no more, no less. stories behind you stumbling upon them or why you love them appreciated too.

5. The Beatles - She Loves You

'you think you lost your love,
well i saw her yesterday'

one of the first songs i properly listened to at the ripe age of ten and most definitely the first song i ever fell in love with the simplicity of the times and the complications of love effortlessly put together to create a masterpieces for the ages.

fun fact: it was this day in 1964 that she loves you entered the billboard top 100 chart. it stayed there for fifteen weeks.

4. Lee Moses - Bad Girl

'this is a song about a bad girl,
somethin' the happened to me a long time ago.'

introduced to me by god ( ) it was unusual in the sense that most of my favourite songs are songs i hated upon first listen and grew to love but i loved this as soon as that beautiful guitar line hit my ears and i heard the pinnacle of soul music in the early seventies. the trumpets rockin' to and fro introduced me to a whole 'nother world i'd never heard of before and the sound of the vinyl coming into life as the second part began playing hit me like a brick: this be it yo. this be it. god damn you feel bad about lee for being turned down by his girl next door but damn, praise the lord it happened.

3. Radiohead - Idioteque

'we are not scaremongering,
this is really happening.'

by 2000, radiohead had already cemented its place in the musical hall of fame with its revolutionary guitar work on ok computer. all of the critics back then ask 'how, as a rock band, do you follow the most towering records of rock there ever was?' radiohead's answer: you don't. after becoming exhausted by the ok computer world tour, thom yorke became completely disillusioned with the world of anything guitar-related. he retreated to electronic beats, wondering what he could do with music in the digital age. his band followed him and together, the five members created what is most definitely the most important record of that decade, if not all time. in it, there is a track called radiohead, probably the band's most experimental work: it is in essence a dance track. a challenging but easy to understand drum beat; synths lifted from one of the earliest electronic songs in the seventies. radiohead were revolutionising rock by calling back to early electronic; they were plowing ahead into their future vision with aid from the past. people say 'the singer sounds so real,' when they describe certain emotional songs... but this song does not rely on the vocals. the uncertain, odd chords used for the synth to the the rushed drums to the anthem-like screamings of yorke himself are just noise; the song itself is real. the song itself is fear.

2. The Beach Boys - God Only Knows

'i may not always love you,
but long as there are stars above you,
you never need to doubt it.'

what do you do when you are the most gifted musician of all time? you make the universally acclaimed, visionary, beautiful, greatest album of all time. pet sounds was ahead of its game. still is. today, there's nothing like it. sure there are people who attempt to recreate it into their own vision (noah lennox, the beatles etc) but nobody's really come close. and how can you come close to this? the most beautiful melody we'll ever hear? probably. the bar every hopeful musician should try to raise? definitely.

1. Arcade Fire - Wake Up

'you better look out for love!'

a simple chord progression. simple singing. simple arrangement. simply perfect.

in a world where the media's objective is to make us miserable, where growing up means we accept we are just organisms, victims of whatever tends to be overseeing us at the time, whether it be socialism, capitalism, communism, the government, our parents, our friends, our hormones - the system. there's not a day goes by where something don't go wrong, where we wish everything was as perfect as it once was, when we were too young to understand, to be self-conscious, to be anything at all. wake up is an ironic title because it urges us to go back to sleep - to return to how our lives were as young children.

unfortunately, we must face reality - we cannot go back in time. not yet anyway. we are victims of the system and for the most part, everyone is against you. nothing is perfect. when you work up the courage to do something, when you put the effort in, you usually are under appreciated and shot down. that's life. the redeeming force is something our homones, our very basic human nature, urge us to crave for: love. the single, most powerful emotion in the world. people try to conquer death and fail. people who try to conquer power are already corrupt. but to try and conquer love? we see it on a daily basis and here it is: songified.

the song got me through all the bad times in my life. and all the good times. and even when i'm older, my heart is colder and i can see that it's a lie, i'll still love it and it will be my second heart.

thank you very much and goodnight