Hi Im the leader of Team NMG, and I am accepting anyone
who is willing to be active on wi-fi and on try and post at least every 2-3 days on my forums to join team nmg. Our website is http://www.teamnmg.tk
and our forums are http://www.nmg-forums.tk

We going to be the best wi-fi clan for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

We're allies with the pokemon evolution clan! I started the poke-economy:

and created these 2 trailers:
We have about 15 members on the wi-fi world
and about 50+ on the forums

We're also looking for 2 co-leaders!
If you're interested join the forums and post a reply
here saying that you are joining.

So help Team NMG and its allies dominate the wi-fi world!
Im getting Pokemon Diamond on the release date!