The year is 2212, and Earth is in danger. After World War IV, our environment has deteriorated to such an extent that people must wear masks when they venture outdoors. The southern hemisphere and most of the Middle East, Africa and Asia is uninhabitable. Plant and animal life has nearly ceased to exist. At the behest of Global Society, scientists have combed the Universe for a suitable home for our dying race, and finally one has been found: Chel'Dara

A space station is formed on a far off planet which is inhabited by a race of people quite like us, and the chosen name is simply Hope. The planet has a similar climate to earth, though it does run a little more tropical and an identical atmosphere. Large lizards and fantastic creatures inhabit the lush forests thus far discovered. Untold new species await discovery, and unimaginable danger. Many of the plants are poisonous or carnivorous in completely exotic ways, and needless to point out how similar these animals are to dinosaurs.

Now that the area immediately surrounding the Station is secure, Earth is sending another group of citizens, soldiers and scientists. As a member of the second wave of humans sent to Hope, it is your job to explore the planet and answer an important riddle: Why is this species so like us? Their DNA is a 97% match to modern man. How is it that two planets on opposite sides of the universe have such a similar people?

The Natives and the Planet:
With the hot pink sky and brilliant red sun glaring down, the Hel'Dra people have one major difference from humanity: Their skin. Some are extremely pale lavender, nearly white, some have a greenish tint, and some are a deep, glossy purple. Some few have white skin with purple streaks running over their bodies. One of the first soldiers to spot them commented that they look not at all unlike ripening eggplants. Their eyes tend to be bright jewel colors, and they can see extremely well at night. Without these few exceptions, they are very like humans.

Once called Planet 4 in Solar System 451b in the Cygnus Sector of Section 11 of the known Universe, it's native people call their home Chel'Dara and they are the Hel'Dar but more often they call themselves 'the People.' They are a simple, peaceful race with strong laws against bringing any harm to one another. They have no concept of money, or war. In fact, there is no word for war in their language. Some tribes wander from settlement to settlement, and others choose to farm or herd animals. They survive by trading fairly with one another and treating each member of society equally. Each settlement has a leader chosen by the Elders who are their supreme leaders. They trust in the Elders completely, and have never had reason to question their judgment or their word.

High on the slopes of the Mountain Algol is a stone fortress. The people claim it has always been there. They think maybe the gods built it for the Elders, or maybe the Elders built it. They don't know. It is the place of the Elders, and very few have ever ventured to it's gates.

When the first shuttle planted it's landing feet on the soil of Chel'Dara, the people knew not what to make of it. They ran in fear to their Elders, informing them that the gods had come.

Little else is known, for though the language barrier has been broken (the natives learning to speak ours) they have shut down communication with us.

Orange dots on the map indicate safepoints established when the territory was originally mapped. Many streams run through the entire area, not all are mapped. Springs and streams pop up seamingly overnight, and disappear as quickly. The ground itself is wet to the touch, even away from the swamps. The air is thick with moisture.

The first station set down near a very deep source of fresh water for easy filtration. It has a secure perimeter established, a fence erected around the entrance with local wood. The second station was planted just across the water source from the first. They rest around 5 miles apart.

A small camp was established around 25 miles from the first station, it is mostly unstocked and used as a base for research.

4 years before the first station arrived, a pod was sent containing two astronauts and enough supplies to sustain them until the expected arrival of the expedition. It returned reports of a habitable environment, but they soon ceased to transmit. The approximate location of said pod is marked on the map, but it has not been excavated. The men have not been heard from in over three years, the pod seemingly abandoned.

The Mission:
1.) We must establish friendship with the hostiles through any means necessary. (The natives are an untapped resource, capable of providing us with valuable information which would help immensely as we move more of our people to their planet.)

2.) We must harvest as many details as possible and secure a strip of land for development.

3.) We must identify, label and name as many new species as possible to better hope to combat them without damaging the environment or risking extinction.

Playable Classes:
Enlisted Personnel:
Infantry Leader (one needed)
Medic Soldier (one needed)
Gunner Soldier (unlimited)
Electrician (one needed)
Mechanic (one needed)
Cook (one needed)
Pilot (one needed)

Scientist (one needed)
Diplomatic Envoy Native Assessment Specialist (one needed)

If you have an idea for a helpful native that you would like to play, I am open to suggestions. For the most part, I think that they will be NPCs. If you are set on playing a native, perhaps you could play one hired to be a guide, or one that was captured and interrogated by our people, and you are only released when the new envoy arrived.

Character Sheet:

General Appearance: (Image or Description)



Additional Details: Optional. (Anything else you care to include goes here.)

1. Any underhanded tricks against each other should be discussed via PM to keep things fair and fun. Against NPC enemies, anything goes.

2. No power playing, god-like abilities, metagaming, godmodding or similar tomfoolery.

3. J R R Tolkien isn't expected, but please try to be literate.

4. Players must be considerate and courteous to other players at all times, if you want to argue take it to the PMs please.

5. I will be the final judge of what is and is not acceptable in the RP, to eliminate disputes and whatnot.

6. I have no problem with people acting on their own initiative, but for more important things, like adding potentially plot important landmarks, run it past me please.

7. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, or to send me a PM. I'm always open to suggestions as well.

8. Regarding Character Creation: I'll PM you if there's any changes I'd like to discuss with you about your character to keep with the theme of the RP.

Oh, and one other thing:
You aren't going back. For whatever reason, you were sent to Hope and there you will remain until your death. It is your duty to your race to gather information and send it back to Earth for the survival of mankind. Your scars and secrets are your own, if you choose to share your reason for exploring space immediately, that is on you. If you plan to revolt, escape, run away, or fulfill your role to the best of your abilities, that is your choice.