PokeMasterSean13 was MURDERED.... we all know it. He would never have OD'd. It's HIGH time we cracked open the case files, took a look at the evidence and find the real killer before tragedy strikes again!

I think we should start by looking at Suspects.... I've got a few of the dossiers right here and I'll let you look and be the judge.

The Lacemaker... she's from New Zealand...a land of sheep and plains... not much of anything else. They filmed Lord of the Rings indicating that the people are bloodthirsty. Most important however is the fact that she...Had PMS's CHILD! Out of Wedlock mind you. While it would seem she would just attempt to take some sort of legal action to get him to pay child support. He was crafty and could have evaded that. So Vengeance...Nay, JUSTICE is a fierce motive for the girl. Also she's nto around anymore to defend herself. PRIME SUSPECT!

Dogar The Brave... He was the swinging womanizer of PD LONG before Sean came along. Then PMS showed up and DOMINATED the scene with sheer Pimpness. Dogar would have been literally OOZING with Jealousy. Is Jealousy a big enough motive for Murder.... You tell me. LIKELY SUSPECT!

Rayne... We all know of Rayne's roots. He's posted himself that only the most immoral MAVERICKS would stoop to the kind of Raw UNCLEANLINESS that PMS13 indulged in. Rayne is not only from India, but he's currently living in the MIDDLE EAST. He would be bound by tradition, religion, and plain moral sentiment to bring a Maverick like PMS13 to proper Justice. He may not have had the personal investment that the Lacemaker had, but his motives may be even more Righteous. BROWN SUSPECT!

This is just a HINT of the Uncensored, Raw Investiagtive Journalism, I will be doing on my quest to find the Real Killer of our Beloved PokeMasterSean13. Please post any hypotheses or evidence you'd like to bring forward in this thread.