What's up everybody. Been a Pokemon fan since the early 2000's and decided to check out the new Pokemon Black and White video games, and i am hooked once again. I am close to my mid 20's now and have no shame in playing the video game (not big on the show or card game anymore) but...that's what brings me here.

To give a little background on myself, I studied Web Design & Development at Full Sail University and Web Design & Interactive Media at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I am currently work as a freelance Web UI Designer/Graphic Design along with a part time job (retail). Recently I worked for the railroad at Norfolk (Conductor) but did not pass my signal test with 100% so I was let go.

So yeah, I have no idea what's been up since 2005 in the Pokemon world but I have plans on being active at this forum and if I could help with any design work or blogging let me know. I might take up some classes in journalism soon.