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settle down nigga
I'm settled. I couldn't be more so.

Hahaha idk I'm on my iPhone so I don't really want to look for anything, but if you go to my thread listing and search towards the beginning I have a thread with louvre in the title with some photoshop stuff.
Why don't you link it to me instead of making excuses?

Also rayne come on, that box art is pre made text with built in gradients and a border, with a Pokemon render slapped on the front with a black border. It's actually a lot less impressive once you look at it.
In Justin's world, everyone must be a Photoshopping badass right off the bat. There's no such thing as, oh, I don't know, a process of learning and experimentation. Why the fuck do you think there are premade filters and shit in the program to begin with? Because not everyone can make their own to start with you weasel dick cunt.

Technical brilliance wasn't even the objective with that particular image anyway, it was accuracy, making it look as similar to the Paper Mario box art as possible.