There are many organizations a character might come to interact with through the stories found in Legacies of a Pokemon Dream.

We'll try to list them hear and give basic information. The actual motives and power behind many are left unknown for the present however.

The League Restoration Organization: A Group dedicated to restoring order to the world through the return of the Pokemon League. The LRO is comprised mostly of idealistic young people who are trying to restore the old ways. They are constantly seeking individuals with the talents to become new Gym Leaders as well as philanthropists and other ways to gather the resources needed to return the League System to Order, not to mention the search for those dedicated enough to keep up with the needed paperwork and logistics.

Pokemonic Dawn: A rumored league of assassins and terrorists with a mysterious agent. Their true motives are shrouded in fear and rumor. Truth be told, no one really knows anything about them.

The Ebon Order: Wildly regarded as a cult of dangerous nutjobs. The Ebon Order believes that Pokemon are a vanguard sent by unknowable beings from beyond time and space. They constantly seek to venerate and garner the attention and favor of these beings with sinister rituals and sacrifices, both Human and Pokemon

The White Orchid Syndicate: Stepping in to fill the vacuum of power left behind by the criminal organizations that fell during the War. The White Orchid Syndicate has it's hands in all manner of illicit activities, including theft of pokemon and illegal racketeering and betting on pokemon battles.

Better Worlds Incorporated: Formed by branch off members of the Sylph Co. Better Worlds Inc. stands at the forefront of new technology regarding pokemon. News is spreading of their work involving genetics, including the splicing of human and pokemon DNA.