Name: Danyon Rouse

Alias: Danyon Rouse

Age: 17 D.O.B. September 7

Gender: Male

Appearance: Grey Hair and Yellow eyes. Danyon typically wears dark colors.

Personality: Danyon has a fierce adventurous streak, always seeking to learn more and do ever more daring deeds. He has a morbid interest in the afterlife but the gloom that would normally surround such interest is lampshaded by his easy going and jocular manner.

Pokémon Species:

History: Danyon lost his family a few years ago, but until then he had a relatively normal and happy life. Even after the tragic accident that took his parents he managed to remain fairly well adjusted though he became increasingly interested in the afterlife, death and ghosts. With the War over and civilization trying to get back on track, Danyon is off to find his place in the world.

Role/Job: We'll just have to see what comes up.