Jimmy Candide is an 18-year old Pokémon trainer. He grew up in Westphalia, Germany. His father was killed in the war, hit by piercing flak whilst he served in the 17th Squadron.

He studied at the Academy of Munster, commencing his studies at a turbulent time. During a similar time, his father, serving as a bombardier in the war, was hit by piercing flak and died, his death marginalised amid surmounting casualties.

Dejected and melancholic, Jimmy viewed studying as a chance of some cryptic retribution. With nobody to avenge, Jimmy studied the laws of Pokémon rigorously. He learnt both the gentle power of harmony and the logical precision required for any Pokémon trainer. At night, when other kids his age were out intoxicating themselves, Jimmy thought deeply about Pokémon: he took note after note.

Jimmy was not only interested in the practical aspects of Pokémon: he studied the metaphysical elements, too. He was initially tutored in philosophy by his father: he participated frequently in debates on subjects like, "Why do Pokémon fight for us?" and "Why is Pokémon so important in the world?"

James Theodore Candide enrolled in the University of Westphalia on October 21st, 2011. The university was a refreshing contrast. It was clear that milling around his garden shouting commands at his Growlithe, destroying his mothers rosebuds' chance of blossoming, could not compare to the dedicated training rooms, designed to withstand various elemental reactions.

Jimmy is participating in the League Restoration Organisation as of now, although the world does not feel the same as the one he knew as a kid.

James is largely ignorant of the world of psychic powers, preferring not to wander in certain corridors and talk to certain people within the university to develop an interest.

James has an Arcanine, a Ponyta and a Krabby.