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    Default Timeline for LoaPD

    So... here's a rough timeline, I'll eventually go back and add in some of the major events that happened before hand too. But I'll update this every time a new story starts up.

    Well, Kanto was the first IC thread I think, so it's only fitting that it be our Zero point. Opening Moves takes place a bit before Kanto (so as to get some of the characters in that thread, involved with other characters)

    so Timeline is like this.

    - 5 years B.K. Pokemonic Dawn initiates assassination attempts against the majority of prominent Pokemon Trainers/officials

    - 4 -5 years B.K. Island Dictator King Ghidrah assembles an army of humans and pokemon and moves to conquer the world.
    Quickly gaining allies with other small countries and with the Pokemon League in disarray, The Threat of Ghidrah becomes
    dangerously relevant.

    - 4 years B.K. Balk Freeroven begins to search for three tomes that will give him the ability to control, if temporarily, Groudon,
    Kyogre, and Rayquaza. He intends to use them to stop King Ghidrah's forces.

    - 4-2 years B.K. Balk ends up taking in a group of children along the way. Through battle, exploration, and a large tournament run by one of the world's largest criminal organizations, he recovers the Books. Unfortunately the ritual requires three people and one of them ends up being said crime syndicates leader. Pokemon are summoned and the three legendaries wreak havoc on the world. King Ghidrah is annihilated. The population is decimated and the three who control the legendaries turn on each other.

    - 2 years B.K. Balk kills the other legendary trainers and sends the legendaries back into slumber. He then goes into hiding, destroying any evidence of his participation he can find. The world lies in ruins.

    - 1 year B.K. Restoration begins.

    - 2 to 3 weeks B.K. Opening Moves

    - 0 Kanto
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