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Thread: why you never mix pokemon with the naruto show.

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    Default why you never mix pokemon with the naruto show.

    "what is that!!!" the owner shouts while chasing a pichu away from his fruit stand. "Pichu stop! no dont do that! wait!!!!" i run after my mischievous pichu through the village, crashing into stands and barrels trying to catch him. *why does he never listen to me* i whine in my head, pichu trying to escape shoots some thundershocks at me, but i dodge. *almost there* "HAH!!!!" i finaly catch pichu, after some few hours of running around, some hundred dollar fine i'll have to pay for the damages, and of course, a final thunder-bolt my pichu gives me before i finaly get him in his pokeball and tape it up. *sigh* "eh?" i look up and there is the hokage with a most displeased face ive seen on him. so that day i pay for everything damaged and extra, i still have alot to learn when it comes to raising a baby pichu....
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