I know I already posted this on cosmo, but maybe with it's own separate thread it would gain validity.

I am trying to calculate much explosive energy an Asgaurd lazer has. Without boring you with the scifi specifics to much, basically I first tried to find it out using the power output of the space ships power source, which is 1.21 gigawatts. Using a calculator found here http://www.translatorscafe.com/cafe/...on-%5Bkton%5D/, I did gigawatts to kilotons, getting a mere 1.041108987 kilotons, which is pretty pathetic for the strongest weapon in stargate, so I assume the output is wrong.

So I tried something else. Another fact is the power source can hold the weight of the ocean over the city about the size of Manhattan. For this I first took the weight of water per meter 1000 kilograms, multiplied it by average depth of the ocean: 3,790 meters, then by area of Manhattan 87500 meters. Finally I multiplied that by the gravitational constant of 9.8, which should get the force in joules. So you get 3249925000000 joules, which using the same converter is again a low 0.776750717 Kilotons.

Something is off here, and it is really bothering me, help me out.