I had to choose the dick of personal management counselors. FUCK.

Our conversation:

Me: I hope to get my eagle soon
Him: When is your birthday
Me: May 16, I have less than 2 months *chuckles*
Him: This isn't funny son


Him: What do you have done?
Me: the prerequisites
Him: Make sure they are set out because I am very strict on them.

I had to record my finances for 3 months, truth is I didn't. Im going to have to make them up. fffff


Him: You live in Cresco so you know where mountain home is
Me: sort of
Him: Do you know where the bank is
Me: No
Him: the liquor store
Me: no
Him: Route (some highway)
Me: No
Him: [Some road that is odvious in Mountain Home]
Me: No
Him: Son, get your mother on the phone

Im thinking about ditching him and getting someone else.