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    Candide, an angler since birth, had nevertheless not caught anything in the confusing stream near Cerulean. As he glanced at the banks, making his way through aromatic bowers, he thought of Danyon. Bright-spirited youth, despite the clothes. It's folly, he's probably a happy young man despite the fact that he smells like death. He's a prophet, a spokesman for this generation of Pokémon trainers.

    Hope is a funny thing, he said as he caught his first ever catch in the ominous location, a Magikarp who, although ugly, seemed to him the most beautiful creature on the planet. He hugged it as it gasped for air and thought of the adventures he and Danyon would take. Where would he go?

    Cinnibar. They have a water trainer, I forgot his name but they do. He's living in vulcanic regions for a change of scenery, I guess.

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    Danyon ran down to the streamside. He had attached the iron lantern to a pole, using it as a makeshift walking stick. The young man paused to examine Candide's catch before he began.

    "News and news, Jimmy. First, I have a pokemon now... a family heirloom apparently, but even that is still in question. More importantly, however, have you seen this?"

    Danyon held up the newspaper for Jimmy to see.
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