A black girl posted this on FB just now:

if one more person asks me "why do you like white boys", i am going to lose it. so here's your answer....
white boys are 100% comfortable with who they are. they don't spend all their time and money trying to fit into a stereotype. they don't care if they have "swag" or not. they don't go out trying to be country singers, just because it's something that's more dominately done by white people. they don't try to love a million girls at once. and i'm not saying black guys aren't faithful, it's just more likely to be cheated on by one. they have their own money.. and don't expect you to support them. they aren't afraid to laugh when something's funny, or cry when something's sad. they care about your needs and your feelings. and they are just all around ideal people. THAT'S why i'm attracted to them.
don't like it? suck a fat one