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Thread: I wish we could revolutionise foruming

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    Default I wish we could revolutionise foruming

    This is just a communication platform for [I]us[\I] but why can't it be for everyone and just... think it. no typing, no accounts, just this communal stream of conciousness
    Well, I open my eyes and I see things. I've seen spirits moving through the walls. I've seen a vortex coming through the wall. I've seen amorphous little balls of light bouncing all around in the front yard through the window. I've seen giant bugs on the floor. I was in a hotel room in Amarillo, Texas, and all I remember is standing on the bed and seeing the whole wall in front of me filled with lights that were [makes popping sound] popping like popcorn out of the wall. Then I'll wake up and I go "Wow, I was standing on my bed and staring at this wall."

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    the borg?

    just people with futuristic internet addictions

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