it's called my anonamouse and according to the grapevine, it's the second best ebook tracker there is, and a lot of people migrated there when the best one (bibliotik) shut down last month. now bibliotik is coming back but i managed to find my way into anonamouse and i can buy invites, but i'd like to know if there's any actual need to ie im gauging interest. it's mad easy to keep a good ratio there with the bonus points system (all you have to do is keep seeding whatever you download and you can buy your way to the top). as for how good the tracker is, well, i've seen people saying it's great for, eh, books. i honestly don't know though because i've never been on any other ebook tracker/bibliotik. also it's on global freeleech until may fifth, so if you just go on a downloading spree now and seed from now on, you'll be sorted pretty much for life. not going to buy 3 invites if only 1 person wants one, so there needs to be some demand for this. not sure what it's like for learning materials ie textbooks but its audiobook selection is fairly huge.

also if anyone wants an invite to elk, an electronic music tracker, just send me your email. it must be gmail.