I don't know if the IT crew mess with the servers on sundays or not, but every week wi-fi on my electronics go into dial-up mode. It took over five minutes to load this page to create this thread.

But this happens every goddamn sunday. I don't have an MP3 player so all my music comes through Youtube and it won't load. Can't do homework because the java-bloated websites will take forever to load. I can't even browse an image-based site in-between load times because those won't load either without a nostalgic line-by-line loading basis.

I hate my school's (mainly my dorm's) wi-fi. I really do. And I can't use an ethernet cord either. -_-' I could go to the library or union to do the internet there, but that's too far away.

I also think people in my dorm just leave all their electronics on too just to use up bandwidth. Phones, iPads, Laptop, Printers... I turn off all my stuff when I don't use them, I wish other people would do that too.