Honestly, getting Power User over there was one of the greatest internet achievement I have to my name. It opened all of these windows to every other private tracker there is (well, most of them) like PassThePopcorn; BTN; TorrenTech; MyAnonamouse and hell, even a professional pornography tracker But I can't give you guys invites because it's tough to survive out there, I'm sorry but if you screwed up, I'd lose my own account privilege and it's just not worth giving it to someone who would only use it for top 40 stuff anyway. (Yes Justin, that's you). But my advice, to all of you here, in this current climate of constant threatening internet bills trying to rid us of our freedom and censor our sites, is to get into what.cd via the interview. It's half an hour at most, you're all smarter than me. No seriously, I get terrible grades in school nowadays and I can't ever remember anything properly. You'll easily get in. Whether you'll have the discipline to flourish on the site is another thing, but at least get in and do one of two things in the interest of your own personal future: (1), make Power User, get into all the other leading private tracker communities and you're set for life, but also get into some of the up and coming ones. You can't manage hundreds of accounts on these sites, just pick the ones you think are most likely to replace the big players when they get shut down. (2), find and acquire whatever music you want. I'd wager what.cd is on its last couple of months right now with all of the impending government pressure; it's the biggest library of music in the world and to have it there, at your fingertips, and not utilise it because it might take some marginal amount of effort is a sickening thought. Just trust me on this.