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Thread: damn it army!

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    Default damn it army!

    damn, i had to pay money to help a friend out. and just my luck, bad timing. my friend never asked me for money before and i know he's a good friend. he was going through some rough times too. asked for some money and i helped....

    and then the army decided to screw me over. back in May i went on a business trip that the army is suppose to cover. a section in my unit covers the financial part... the problem:
    the army has us use a government credit card to pay for stuff. i charged my hotel room on this card and the food expenses too. like i'm suppose to do.
    the army covers the bill via a voucher...

    well, the fucking voucher had someone elses bank info. it's been paid already to random guy and i haven't seen a cent as of yet!! I'm suppose to be paid 1200$!!!!
    nothing... i tried to get it fixed, but some dude who approves vouchers is in the US and we can't talk to him. so they keep denying my request!! so card is charging me late fees! on my fucking credit!!!

    so on top of everything else, i was moved to dining facility usage, meaning they're deducting 300$ of my paycheck every 2 weeks to cover for food i would potentially eat at the Dining Facility (DFAC).

    pretty much, my paycheck this time around is 400$... :'c

    i can't do anything

    and to make things worse. my HDD isn't being recognized by my Wii U anymore after this fucking update. apparently external HDD that pull power through the USB are unstable and the update prevents those type of external drives from being recognized at all!!!

    now i'm in class and i have to get my A+, N+, and S+ by the end of the month. i'm having to memorize a shit ton of terms and i have to relearn legacy devices. so there's that stress. i'm doing this because i'm fucking unit wants me to reset pin numbers for their cards.
    and the army won't let me on their network with admin powers unless i have my certifications... even though they trained me back in 2006 for 14 fucking months to do just that!!

    and my unit is deployed. and i was on a team that runs 24/7 with shifts of 12hrs. since i don't have class on weekends, they want me to go to work on the weekends. i have to wake up at 0430 so that i don't eat and get ready for work... at least it's casual weekends... so there IS that.

    OH! and because I have no fucking money, I can't pay for cosmo this month.... :'c
    even more sad face action from over here. (actually, not really, but it does depress me that i can't.)

    in short; i'm having a shitty time emotionally, financially, and mentally!
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    If somebody(s) wants to paypal me part of the cost I would be glad to charge Cosmo's domain/hosting to my own card

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    I'll buy Cosmo's domain and I have a hosting account.

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