Wilhelm Ionhart (M, 20)

Wil sees life as a blend. This man viewed the world as it was with a little tinge of color, music, and everything else in between. He is a very complicated character because he holds courtesy and chivalry high and might above everything else. Hence, he takes into account the rationality and the emotional sensation of everything around him. He always smiles, but to other people it seems like as if he were planning a murder or perhaps something diabolical. To him, though, he is just appreciating the beauty of the world around him.
Wil was born to a wealthy family where he was pampered, taken care of, educated, and loved. But, he sought for freedom from these blissful chains by journeying into the unknown. Seeking to quench his thirst for knowledge this strong-willed man ventured on his own accord ready to face consequences. All the while, he complains about his stupidity and yet he lives on his virtue.
Quite a bit on the mad side, Wil views everything from two strict perspectives: life and death. Before every decision, he candidly asks, which bothers people because of how morbid it is, "Will you live or die after this?" Not to mention, he tops it all off with a lustful smile indicating that all of this is child's play.

Blaziken - "Flammort"
- He has adopted Wil's emotional side of the matters, channeling it through his flame techniques and battle skills. He thrives on anger because of how Wil motivates him to bring about the sweet scent of "death" upon his victims. As a result, Flammort is bent on destruction at Wil's every whim.

Gallade - "Candoir"
- Although the signature emotion pokemon as dictated by nature, he works a little differently. He represents Wil's emotionless side - cool and calculated, as the cliche goes. This classical guy focuses on the battle as a whole operatic sequence.