I had to drop off a paper for her to get signed by her principal to come to prom at my school. So, I hopped back in my car, and hit "Go Home" on the Garmin. Well it takes us to this road, and it goes from a paved road to a dirt road. And the dirt road turns into a grass road. I was driving my Dad's Outlander so I wasn't too concerned, thinking that it couldn't be that bad if the Garmin was taking us on it. Wrong. So fucking wrong. So we get about half mile from the end of this fucking goat path (there was no way to turn around, there was a cliff on one side) and my fucking tire pops. So my brother and I get out and attempt to change the tire. All we have is the shitty jack that gets kept in the car. Keep in mind that I live in an extremely rural town very close to the continental divide, so EVERYTHING is on some sort of slope, especially that far back in the woods. Being that we just had a shitty jack, we couldn't get the car up to take the flat off. We after trying for a solid hour, my brother waits with the car while I hike to the end of this fucking trail. I come out and it turns out I'm in the middle of fucking ghettoville in Johnstown, which is the only place in my area big enough to be called a "city." I'm really thinking I'm fucked at this point. Being that I had no other choice, I go ask this guy to borrow his jack. He had a good one and I had to carry this heavy ass thing back up into the woods. I get back up there and my brother told me that the engine had started smoking. At this point we call our Dad and fully explain the fuckedness of our situation. I venture back out to ghettoville to meet my dad, and lead him back up to where we were. We finally get the god damn tire changed and get out the end of this God forsaken trail. It's important to note that it was extremely fucking hot and we were in the middle of the woods and I was only wearing shorts, so I got cut up to hell and back by thorns and got bit by unlimited bugs. It was a really fucking miserable experience.