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    Default Hey RC


    -NoFX song
    -Minor Threat song
    -Punk album
    -ska album
    -pop-punk artist

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    get out of my way kirby, i've got gulags to build.

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    Blasphemy, though You're Wrong is a close second.

    I don't listen to a lot of them cause of the irritating straight edge crowd but In My Eyes takes the cake.

    fffffffuuuuck Umm... goddamn... either The Empire Strikes First or Against the Grain. A lot of people say Suffer but it's just not my favorite, although No Control is definitely in the top 5. Bad Religion is just on a different plateau.

    Fuck ska.

    I'd say The Offspring but I consider them a punk band who trolls the punk community because they're that awesome. Not counting them, I'd say Jimmy Eat World.
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