As we all know, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl will be officially released tomorrow, April 22nd. They are much anticipated games that are sure to offer Pokemon fans like us countless hours of fun. I shall be getting my copy soon (it has already been shipped to me by Amazon) and will start playing soon. Of course, as always, I will be writing an in-depth walkthrough filled with everything you might need to get through the game. I will also be putting up other sections discussing specific aspects of the game. However, this time, I need some help.

First of all, I'll need screenshot contributions. Basically, I'll only be playing the game and writing out the details. Thus, I need people to help take high-quality (to the best of their abilities) screenshots in certain areas of the game, either with a digital camera or some other method that can produce clear images.

In addition, I'll need contributions for additional guides that people have written themselves. This includes strategies, tips, and those sort of things. These can be incorporated into the walkthrough or added as separate sections.

Basically, I need help. And, if you can help, it would be great. Please send an email to me at . And for our visitors, thanks for your patience, and have fun with the games!