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Overall, I guess I'd have to say THUMBSUP to the execution, although something about the unheard of quickness of the process with no appeal makes me go :/
He had an appeal on tuesday i think, and it got shot down fast.

1. Any war is stupid.
2. Most wars are just a stupid economical argument.
3. I doubt he was "a terrible person". He only did what his religion made him do. (I must admit I haven't studied much about this and I could be wrong here. Please tell me if I'm wrong.)
4. Whatever happens, people will die... Many people. It sounds pesimistic, but I'm trying to be realistical.
1. Premature war is stupid, war as the last resort when all possible options are defeated is not stupid. World War 2 anyone? Hitler was attacking everyone, people were saying chill out and we'll let this go. They did things like trade embargo's and other diplomatic tactics before going to war, none worked so we went to war. It was the last possible choice for all and it was far from stupid.

2. way off.

3. I don't know if he was religious or not, but regardless that shouldn't be a shield to butcher thousands of your own citizens. He was definately terrible, don't kid yourself.

4. That's a given.