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supernatural season 7 dvd Plot: Sam's precognitive dream leads the brothers to research a mysterious death which seems linked to a boy with the power of telekinesis. Dean is transported back in its history and is shocked as he lands in Lawrence, Kansas. However, that shock turns to amazement after he incurs a little daughter John Winchester and Mary who have just fallen for each other. Dean isn't sure why he was sent back so he begins t Sam and Dean investigate a rash of suicides and discover that a person is invoking the Goddess of Truth to drive the sufferershelp from Pamela, who sends the brothers for the spiritual realm. They discover Alastair attempting to break the seal causing mayhem in the mortal world by stopping death from occurring in a small town. Sam and Dean investigate the murders of a lawyer and his wife who claimed to get seen a ghost before they died. However, after local detectives Ballard and Sheridan identify the Winchesters' records, they arrest the brothers for a double homicide Sam and Dean meet a woman in a tiny town who statements to be considered a prophet. supernatural seasons 1-7 dvd Plot:[2]