For Centuries humans have feared the pokemon that haunt the lonely roads and dark forests of the various kingdoms. Tales were whispered in taverns of unstoppable beasts that could destroy even armored warriors. Fear spread even more rapidly when human cultists, using dark rites managed to command these creatures. They planned to use their dark allies to make the world their own.

Fortunately their were brave heroes in the world. In the end they not only stopped the cultists plans but forged a bond with some of the pokemon. Now there are those humans, rare though they are, that have a mystical connection with the pokemon. They can form a link with a single pokemon, a friendship that allows them to command the powers of these terrific beasts. It usually happens at puberty, sometimes sooner sometimes later, but for those few, the pokemon comes to them, and they instinctively understand one another.

Now in the realm of Raltia, the king has sent out word that he is seeking these brave and fated folk. He has seen the need for their power to protect the kingdom. He has also offered very large rewards, should they agree to work for the betterment of Raltia.

You are one such Fated One. Or you will be if you play. Sign up is pretty standard for RPs like this, but I'll also have a short series of questions and you don't have much control over the Pokemon that appears to you. Don't worry I'll try not to screw anyone over by saddling them with a Bidoof.

Sign Up:


Answer the questions from the perspective of your character.
What's your favorite color?

If you had to use only one word to describe your personality, what would it be?

What is your biggest fear?

Your greatest hope?

What's your motivation is life?

The greatest asset of your personality?

The biggest flaw in your personality?

Hope this gets off the ground.