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    does anyone know an easier way to get threw sky pillar in emerald? i have mach bike and im stuck on like the 3 er 4th floor...i keep getting stuck on rocks then i cant make my bike go fast and i fall threw a hole and when i get passed it theres no way to get to the stairs...there is rocks around it

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    Nope, no known easier way except the walk through walls cheat, which i don't think is a cheat for emerald.

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    seriously. gettin through sky pillar is easy. but it took me a few times just keep trying.

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    Why were walkthroughs invented in your opinion? -_-

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    I have found this in no walkthrough. However, I have written one, myself... (only for this part of the game... ) Hope it helps...

    -Don't get discouraged if you don't succed the first time.
    -Save as often as possible. Sometimes, if you don't succed, turn off, then try again!

    Now, each floor:
    1st floor: no problem.
    2nd floor: 2 steps right, climb bike then go dooooooooooooooooooooooown, untill you hit the wall. Then, go leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeft, untill you hit the wall.Go 1 step right. SAVE! The next part is quite hard...Do it extremely fast! 3-6 steps up, one step right and up untill you hit the wall. Climb next floor...
    3rd floor:3 steps down, 2 left, 6 down, 3 right, 1 down, 8 right, 10 steps up, 1 left and one up...
    4th floor. SAVE! 6-8 steps down. Hit the lower wall, while on normal ground, then 4 steps up. SAVE! The next part is probably the hardest one...With only 1 move, while on the Bike, you need 3 steps down, 13 steps left and 6-8 up... Congratulations! You are close to the mighty Rayquaza. SAVE!
    You should see 4 cracks in the floor. You must get to one of the two in the middle. Go right above the three rocks, up, right, suddenly stop when on a good crack...SAVE!
    back to 3rd floor climb.
    back to 4th floor: climb.
    5th floor: 2 steps left, 3 down, one right, 3 down, 1 left, 4 down, 7 left, 1 down, 5 right, 6 up, 1 right, 5 up, 2 left, 1 up...
    Roof: Walk a few steps West, then North, then you should find Rayquaza! Good luck catching it.

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    It took me only 10 minutes to get through Sky Pillar. But I kind of wasted my Nintendo DS's battery because I just went up there and killed Rayquaza since I already had one...Dumb huh?
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    Meh, doing everything atleast once lets you get the feel of the game.

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    There is actually a puzzle to the place. You have to fall through a certain crack in the floor above the one with the rocks in the way of the staircase- I think it's the middle crack at the end then you end up behind the rocks instead of them being in the way. I am sorry I couldn't be any more clear than this. Just try it. I was swearing at my gameboy throughout Sky Pillar. It's a very annoying place and you have to try and be paitent.

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