"Alright." Gil thought aloud after hearing Ermac's words. "Go the way it left." Gil muttered as he got closer to the trolley to see its tracks in the dirt. "It's this way!" He called back to the two. "Zane might have to sit back a little once we get there but I think it should be fine." Gil began to walk the path the trolley left behind, unsure of whether or not his two companions was following him and generally uncaring as his stomach was beginning to pain him. What I would do for a feast fit for a king right now, Gil couldn't help but think to himself. Maybe once they reached the castle their would be a feast, but in the chance their wasn't he wasn't going to turn down the opportunity to supply himself and the rest of the group with some food.

Reaching the edge of town as the huts began to be replaced with vast fields Gil couldn't help but smile. At the other side of the field their were a few Miltanks surrounded by a wooden fence, grazing peacefully. "It's a good thing Miltanks aren't really aggressive Pokemon otherwise these farms wouldn't be so successful." He remarked to no one in particular. Rows upon rows of different crops could be spotted by the house far off in the field. "Welp, lets get to work before something comes along with the same intentions as us."