We all know at this point PD can pretty much live though anything, its like a fucking cockroach compared to other forums. Even though PD is alive currently, it would be great if we got more members. I know in the past efforts to get more members are usually halted by the thought "they are gonna suck." But remember those members do get slightly better and in the meantime they are fun to mess with and troll, as can be seen with Dogar. Who wouldn't want more of Dogar's trolling episodes?

The main issue is that outside of misc, PD is dead, plenty of guest view PD all the fucking time, but never post because they look at any pokemon forum and realize its dead. I have even tried to get some of my good friends to post on PD, they look around and quit as soon as they see no one has posted in general pokemon in over a month, and don't come back

My solution: post not in misc once a day

That is all I ask, and I mean everyone, from Justin to God. I am going to make a post a thread day in the pokemon forums, please just make a post in it. At the very least it would make PD look active and get people to post on it. Its going to take like 30 seconds of your time and may bring a ton of people.

Other ideas could be cool to whatever. At the very least I make a ton of threads for Dragonite and once a 6th month newb to jump off from and increase my post count.