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    Default Sableye


    Dark / Ghost
    HP: 50
    Attack: 75
    Defense: 75
    Special Attack: 65
    Special Defense: 65
    Speed: 50
    keen eye / stall / prankster


    -surprizing to see and catches most OU teams off guard
    -amazingly resiliant for its awful stats
    -one of only 4 pokemon with the prankster ability who has any use in OU
    -speed and its attack stats are generally not important because of priority status moves, so its stats are safely tucked in bulk
    -it can wisp half a team, but conkledurr soaks it up, scizor can swordsdance through the pain, and its calm mind set only goes so far
    -no weaknesses besides a toxic getting through, critical hits or a boosted pokemon. its fairly well rounded for what it does.

    Big Daddy @ Leftovers
    Ability: Prankster
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 SDef / 4 Def
    Careful Nature
    - Taunt
    - Will-o-wisp
    - Recover
    - Foul Play/night shade

    -this set is there to stop anything from setting up and smashing it in the face with will-o-wisp+foul play. the set is better used on physical pokemon, though watch out for terrakion baiting for a foul play, but you can always have a hefty night shade there to whittle it down instead.
    -this set works simply: taunt them to stop ANYTHING passing through the cracks (including trick rotom). priority burn is an amazing advantage over other pokemon who rely on choice scarf/sheer physical force, though fire types are going to sit there laughing at you, so sab is not good for taking on ninetails, darmanitan, etc.
    -foul play relies on the opponents attack stat. say good bye to all physical dragon, psychic, flying threats, and some nice added damage to the base burn without sacrificing your own EV distribution.
    -this is simply his most effective OU set, and is invaluable to shut down chansey, physical sweepers, physical attacking tanks, leads, and other support tanks.
    -EV's are just full bulk in sp. def seeing how will o wisp covers physical defense. moving on.

    Calm and Demented @ Leftovers
    Ability: Prankster
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef
    Bold Nature
    - Calm Mind
    - Will-o-wisp
    - Recover
    - Shadow Ball

    -the calm mind set. ok so its simple, though not always good for OU because lacking taunt hurts sableye bad.
    -the ability to set up sp. def, sp. attack, and defense buffs through 2 moves while maintaining recovery all under priority is just amazing.
    -the power of shadow ball is very effective against all non-blissey/chanseys, and does a number on good old espeon.
    -boosting sp. def in priority actually makes it a wonderful late game sweep/tank.
    -it has issues dealing with calm mind reunculus and of course any normal type, though you'll only see 3 in OU.
    -it cant stop leads or taunts toward you so... this set is the less set in stone set for this cute little rapist.
    -again, EV's are bulk, but physicially this time because calm mind covers sp. def.

    Other Options
    -fake out if you think his physical stregnth is enough to warrant a pointless free turn
    -power gem if you want a non-stab move that hits everything in replace of shadow ball.
    -knock off ruins pokemon, but i dont think it works well here
    -confuse ray/swagger if you want some insta-confusion that works well with foul play, though i think recover/taunt are both better to have.
    -hone claws... because... all of his moves that are useful are 100 acc anyway.... besides will-o-wisp but... you just need 1 successful use per pokemon so...
    -protect/toxic are always fun with taunt on your side, though all those steels wont fear you at all.
    -substitute is always a fun thing, but its more for laughs than anything imo.
    -moonlight if your running a sun team or would like to chance it.
    -metal burst because LOL HE GETS METALBURST THATS SO CUTE
    -trick is amazing, but there are better things the little black/purple diamond thief can do with a moveslot/item slot.
    -spite if you're a complete troll/moron
    -252hp+equal defenses if your a fucking idiot fuck you kirby for making me write this lmao

    Checks and Counters
    -reuniclus does a fine job on the calm minder, and in the next point, heatran destroys anything it can wish to do.
    -ninetails, volcarona, hydregion, heatran, latios, starmie, darmanitan, victini and conkledurr laugh at will-o-wisp, though they might still have a tough time against it if they aren't heatran.
    -conkledurr has guts+payback. he can do a number on the little guy
    -anything with insanely raw power that out-predicts taunt, can get around will-o-wisp, and can give it a big old punch in the face will do wonders against its awful stats.
    -rain teams can generally fuck this thing, but its not guaranteed, seeing how vaporeon cant heal or phaze it because of taunt, and it has no spA evs, and toxicroak is torn apart by will-o-wisp and taunt.
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