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    Default Rotom Wash

    Rotom Wash

    HP: 50
    Attack: 65
    Defense: 107
    Special Attack: 105
    Special Defense: 107
    Speed: 86

    -the OU lead. i mean THE OU LEAD
    -sucked in early 4th gen, got this form in 4th gen and still sucked. got the best type ever in 5th gen. the fuck
    -ok so this thing has tricking properties, it abuses rain, it has great defensive properties, it scouts, it has few honest counters, and i hate it. i fucking hate seeing this thing because i know i cant do much to it.

    the tommy gun @ Choice Scarf
    4 hp/252 sp.atk/ 252 speed
    modest nature
    IV's: 30 attack, 30 sp. atk, 30 speed (for fire), 30 speed (for ice)
    -hydro pump
    -volt switch
    -HP fire/ice

    -ok so this thing is the most hard hitting lead in definition that i never use, but i acknowlege that its amazing.
    -trick is what you use if its a tanking lead. scout otherwise and take a hefty chunk out of their asshole. if you get trick off, put them in their place by destroying them with stab hydro pump, hp ice for the dragons or fire for the ferrothorns, volt switch for speedy, fun scouting.
    -the most simple type of lead there is. you can ruin espeon, you can eat deox D, you can rip a butt or two throughout the game. i just really like this one for simplicity, even if the next set is better imo.
    -the EVs are full speed and sp. attack with 4 in hp. it does the sp. sweeper route here with a little extra bump from modest.
    -make sure you have something that covers grass. i suggest toxicroak if you're abusing rain, ferrothorn, celebi, ammongus, that sort of thing. rain itself is a fun option!
    -easy as fuck to use. not much else to say here.

    roto-rooter @ leftovers
    252 hp/ 252 sp. attack/ 4 sp. def
    modest/calm nature
    -pain split
    -volt switch
    -hydro pump

    -this is more about being an all around rotom. it has natural bulk, it can burn or paralyze, it can hit incredibly hard and scout, it can steal HP, and it has 1 weakness thats easily checked.
    -same team mates, same advantages and checks from the last set, its just a tad faster, and its there to annoy+tank instead of sweep-leading.
    -the EV's are simply there to tank, take some hits, damage their team with burns+build defense or slow those mean old terrakions and fuck them in the face.
    -lets be frank, i'm not all too knowlegable of anything more effective than these 2 sets, and i think you can judge between them in how you can set up your rotom, because they are almost always effective when set up right.

    Other Options:
    -thunder is amazing in rain, but you better be running rain. 70 acc is never nice
    -thunderbolt is fine if you dont like scouting, but who doesn't like scouting?
    -HP grass is fun if you expect to fight another rotom, lanturn for some reason, or maybe good ol' seaking. i cant think of any other reason you'd want to use it though.
    -dark pulse if you dont like HP ice wrecking every dragon in sight, and your more worried about alakazam for some reason and you dont think volt switch is enough.
    -screens are available... for what i dont know. he's not a good dual screen lead like bronzong is.
    -rest+sleeptalk is always there, but this thing is not a suicune in that respect.
    -toxic because... whatever
    -substitute is never a bad idea especially when he has pain split available, but there's no real reason to use it over volt switch.
    -signal beam EXCLUSIVELY FOR CELEBI.
    -chesto berry+rest is apparently viable, but i have no idea why. its better on things like kingdra and drifloon, but this? give it a shot i guess

    Checks and Counters:
    -blissey/chansey, celebi and amoongus absorbs anything it dishes out
    -haxorous can outspeed and earthquake it in the face because of mold breaker.
    -seaking surprizingly takes anything it can do and eats it right up, as long as its not a trickster lead
    -sableye, whimsicott, and volbeat all pop in taunt to stop a trick, but most of the time it just Over predicts, so its not a definite counter.
    -celebi is this thing's nightmare. it cannot do anything unless it packs signal beam, which you just wont see.
    -quagsire can take anything this can dish out unless it packs HP grass or will o wisp if its a physical quag, so there's that.
    -ludicolo is another major threat to it, though not OU so i'm not sure you can yell at me for putting it at the very bottom.
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